Private Hot Air Balloon Flights

All our flights are exclusive in that we fly couples, friends and families. We never mix strangers in our baskets.  We are very approachable and love to receive calls to discuss your exciting plans.

We tailor our experiences around you and our main launch location is Winchester or slightly north depending on the wind direction. We will travel the country to fly from your land or a friendly farmer who gives permission. We have launch sites at Petersfield, Henley, Abingdon, Hungerford, Bath, Bristol to name a few. Country house hotels are often very obliging, and we can approach one near you for a launch. (a mileage cost/overnight accommodation if required, would apply)

We do not ask for payment until we know the flight is 95% certain which is normally a day or 2 in advance of your chosen date. If the weather is poor and we cannot fly, we work with you to find another slot, assuming that is your wish. If your boiler has blown up and you need the funds for the repair, tell us you need to cancel. We know life throws surprises and we only want the best for you.

If you would like a personalised voucher emailing to slip into a card for someone’s special occasion, it would be our pleasure.

Balloons launch and go with the wind. We cannot predetermine where we will land. Our magical flights take you over beautiful countryside, towns and villages. The flight is at least an hour long and the whole experience from set up to breakdown/return to the launch site is approx. 3 hours. It is very personal and fun and you are welcome/encouraged to get involved. The cost for a couple in our smaller balloon, to include a glass of fizz on landing, is £325 per passenger. For friends/families of 3-5 passengers, we use our larger balloon and charge £225 per passenger for 5 people, £250pp for 4 and for 3 people we charge £295pp. We serve soft drinks or a glass of fizz on landing. 

So, all that is required is a confirmation from you with names of passengers, approx. weights in KG’s,  a contact phone number and some dates you wish to fly. Let us know if it is a morning or evening flight you want. We place you in our diary and a week ahead, we have a chat and pray for fine weather and then we go on a magical journey.

Special Occasions

Our balloons have been the talking point of many Special Occasions and we have tethered at Wedding Anniversaries, Graduation parties, Birthday parties, Bar Mitzvahs and other special occasions. The Balloon can be personalised to give it even more Atmosphere.

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