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How long is the Hot Air Balloon flight?
Your balloon flight will be at least an hour but the whole experience from set up to landing and then back to the launch field will be 3-4 hours. Invariably, there are no lavatories at either end. Please come dressed as if you were going for a walk in the countryside and bring your camera.

How far will we fly?
We travel with the wind and whilst we have an idea prior to launch, we cannot determine exactly where we will land, and this is the exciting part of the journey. The distance travelled depends on the wind speed. We might go as far as 25 miles. In light winds, maybe only 5 miles or so. You will see some amazing scenery, wildlife and some beautiful houses not to mention people shouting and waving from the ground, excited to see you.

Where will we land?
As balloons can’t be steered in the traditional sense you’re never quite sure where you will land. The destination is irrelevant, the adventure is everything! Your pilot will be looking for suitable landing spots after 50 minutes.

What's the landing like?
Landings can be very gentle and sedate, or they can be a little faster with a drag and a bounce along the ground. This is very normal and a trick balloons have perfected since they were conceived in 1783. You will be fully briefed on your landing position and what to expect on the day.

When do you fly?
We fly everyday of the week, mornings and evenings if the weather permits. Generally, our season is from the beginning of February to the end of November but if the weather is cold, the ground firm, we will fly you during the day on Christmas Day or any other from 10am till 2pm. Balloons much prefer cold weather.

Meeting time?
We will confirm the meeting time, but morning flights are around 6am and evening around 6.30pm. This will vary slightly throughout the season.

Booking procedure?
We take bookings without payment or deposit. Once we know your flight can proceed we ask you to pay us. We take all your details, place them in our calendar and a few days before hand, we let you know our thoughts. On the basis the flight is on, we confirm the launch site location and time to be there.

Is my flight going ahead?
Sometimes we must cancel a flight due to adverse weather. You might need to cancel due to commitments. We will work with you to find an alternative and are very flexible. As we do not ask for a payment at the time of booking, you can relax and decide on the next step. If you want to commit the cost of a flight to the replacement of a defunct boiler, we understand and all you need to do is let us know.

Can I fly?
Flying is for everyone so long as you can get in and out of a basket (the crew will help those who need assistance), stand for the duration and comprehend the important safety briefing given by your pilot. You must be able to assume the landing position of bent knees with ankles together to absorb any impact. Flying after major surgery, whilst suffering from a significant medical condition or whilst pregnant in your second/third trimester is not permitted. If you have a medical issue, please make sure we are aware of it in complete confidence. Well behaved children can fly but generally from the age of 7. We have flown many terminally ill passengers and love to be part of their lives.

Can people come with me to watch?
Bring family/friends to watch but do not allow them to drive on to a launch field and bear in mind a lack of lavatories. They may follow the balloon and greet you on landing. We do not allow any smoking or vaping on the launch or landing fields.

How do I get in and out of the basket?
You climb in and out of the balloon by the foot holes in the basket. If you feel you might have problems climbing in, please let our crew know and they will help you.

Is ballooning safe?
Hot air balloons are very safe. A balloon is over engineered and ours go through vigorous annual checks to ensure they meet the strict standards defined by the CAA and the BBAC. We are licensed by the CAA to operate balloons in a commercial capacity, our pilots hold commercial licences and Class 2 medicals. We take your safety extremely seriously.

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